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Story Telling And Description:
Dance of the islands and Aegean coastline. Other names: Hasaposertiko, Serviko, Quick Hasapiko. See also: karotseris, hasapiko. Nowadays is danced throughout Greece. In a general form, hasaposervikos appears in the second part of hasapiko. It is a transformed and expanded dance motif of the hasapiko, influenced by musical traits of Balkans and Eastern Europe [1]. Anyone who does not know the dance can easily follow its steps, unlike the hasapikos. Its beat is faster. The hands are on the shoulders and the steps change, yet remain the same until the end of the piece. During the years, improvisations of the leading dancer have appeared. In addition, when the dancer gets too excited improvisations can occur freely. Within the years and with Greek history, it has been observed that various traditional melodies arise from traditional Serbian melodies.

Region: Greece


Motion Capture System: Phasespace Impulse X2 (8 cameras)

Date of Capturing: 07-08-2012

Music Playing: Hasaposerviko

Music: The dance uses a 7/8 meter.


[1] Pro Dance

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Information taken from: Parthenon dance academy