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Story Telling And Description:
Dance in Crete, also known as kastrinos. It is said to be the one of oldest dances of Crete and is more popular in Middle and East Crete where the Minoan culture has bloomed. It took its name from the Malevizi area, where it was initially danced [1]. It is also danced in the nearby islands Kassos and Karpathos, with slight variations and the name Upper Dance (Pano Ηoros). It is also known with the names Heracliotiko or Maleviziotiko or Kastrino (from the word Kastro, the Venetian name of Heraclion) pidihto (bouncy). Also, this is where the name Candiote came from, with which West wanderers labeled Cretan or what was thought to be a Cretan dance. It is a swift dance [1], which takes place in a circle, diagonally or in and out of the circle.

Region: Greece/Grete


Motion Capture System: Phasespace Impulse X2 (8 cameras)

Date of Capturing: 15-10-2013

Music Playing: Maleviziotis - Nikos Zoidakis Feat. Giorgos Karagiorgis

Music: The dance uses a 2:4 meter.


[1] Wikipedia

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Information taken from: Parthenon dance academy