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Story Telling And Description:
One version claims that these dances were named after Zeimbekides, a race in the Smyrni area which is considered to have Thracian roots. These well-known dances were danced by men only. The Cypriot repertoire consists of a variety of zeibekika, of which the name indicates their place of origin [1]. Zeibeiko, also known as Koftos of Cyprus is danced face-to-face or in a circle, without holding hands. Instead, hands are stretched sideways, to the level of the shoulders. You can find a description of the steps as well as a diagram with foot indicators.

Region: Cyprus


Motion Capture System: Phasespace Impulse X2 (8 cameras)

Date of Capturing: 07-08-2012

Music Playing: Mia Kardia - Antonis Remos

Music: All dances are in 9/8, split into 4 beats. The tempo can sometimes be faster or slower. The Cypriot Zeimbekiko or Stamna (pitcher dance) has a 9part musical beat ( It consists of 9 steps each completed in 1 musical beat.


[1] Γεώργιος Αβέρωφ. Τα δημοτικά τραγούδια και οι λαϊκοί χοροί της Κύπρου. Λευκωσία, Πολιτιστικό Ιδρυμα Τραπζης Κύπρου, 1989

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Information taken from: Parthenon dance academy